This anthology will be launched on 28 November 2019 in Melbourne and marks twenty years since the publication of ‘Woman and Man: One in Christ Jesus’, research findings on the participation of women in the Catholic Church in Australia.  This research project was undertaken for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Bishops Committee for Justice, Development and Peace, the Australian Catholic University and the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes.

Their Enduring Lessons

T J Wray’s book (Dr Tina Wray) Good Girls Bad Girls of the New Testament : Their Enduring Lessons is a companion book to Good Girls Bad Girls: the Enduring Lessons of Twelve Women of the Old Testament. Dr Wray is Associate Professor of Religious and Theological Studies at Salve Regina University, Newport Rhode Island.

The Enduring Lessons of Twelve Women of the Old Testament.

This article was written by Susanna Gorman for Women Matter

This is a book about women in the Old Testament. It can be read from cover to cover, or can be dipped into according to interest. In fact, I read the last story, that of my namesake Susanna, first. Her story has always held a particular power for me, and read in the light of the recent #MeToo movement it is clear that women have always been at the mercy of powerful men. In Susanna’s case, it was the corrupt judges who abused their power. Daniel, catching the men in their lie, proclaims “This is how you have been behaving with the daughters of Israel and they were too frightened to resist; but here is a daughter of Judah who could not stomach your wickedness!” (Daniel 13:57)

Circling and Spiralling into Meaning

Author: Judith Scully

This original article was written by Moira Byrne.

A Gentle Unfolding: Circling and Spiralling into Meaning by Judith Scully (David Lovell Publishing, 2018) is aptly titled. This is a gently and beautifully written memoir by a person of faith, reflecting on her life and the movement of God in it. I’ve read a few wonderful memoirs recently, and this is all I enjoy in the genre. It has the arc of a story, with smaller tales and honest self-reflection adding insight, emotion and depth to the narrative of a life.

Historical and Theological Foundations

Cristina Lledo Gomez, Paulist Press 2018

This book makes a fine contribution to understanding the Catholic Church in its historical and contemporary struggles around the language of gender and identity. It should be required reading in seminaries and courses on ecclesiology, but it will be of interest to all who wish to understand more about how language and culture are woven together in the making of theology, and ...

The Art of Spiritual Direction

Margaret Guenther’s book, Holy Listening, helps the reader to understand what spiritual direction is, making no presumptions about prior knowledge. She writes from her experience and elaborates her points by referring to incidents and narratives from her time as spiritual director.  She uses the three roles of a host, teacher, and midwife to develop a multidimensional understanding of spiritual direction.

As ‘host’, the spiritual director creates a space that is safe and welcoming. When you meet for spiritual direction, tasks and schedules fall away; this is a sacred time and space. It can look any number of ways, but it is created with care by the one providing the hospitality.

This article was written by Andrea Dean and was first published in Women Matter.

Chris Geraghty, theologian, former priest and former judge of the District Court of NSW, now living in retirement, has written Jesus: The Forgotten Feminist.

In telling the story of Jesus and his deeply personal relationship with his female friends and women in the marketplace, Geraghty attempts to reset the debate about the place and status of women in the communities of Jesus' followers. The significance of the book lies in Geraghty’s willingness to test the argument that Jesus chose and commissioned twelve male apostles, thus closing the door to ordination of women in the Catholic Church.

This article was first published in NCCA newsletter August 218 #2.

The resource kit was officially launched by the Broken Bay Diocese on 21 June 2018. It provides information around the Catholic Church’s teaching for the dignity and value of the human person.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, 1 in 6 Australian women, and 1 in 16 Australian men, have been subjected, since the age of 15, to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous cohabiting partner (ABS 2017b).

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Pray as you go is a daily prayer session, designed to go with you wherever you go, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly whilst travelling to and from work, study, etc.

A new prayer session is produced every day of the working week and one session for the weekend. It is not a 'Thought for the Day', a sermon or a bible-study, but rather a framework for your own prayer.

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